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The Mentalist


Mentalist - a person who can read thoughts based on external appearance and reading skills. Mentalists have an incredible ability to influence, manipulate and predict future behavior.

Close up

Break the ice magically


Entertainment that creates magic between people.

Lex is most effective at entertaining guests in a mix and mingle environments where he can stroll around the venue and entertain your guests with a touch of mystery and spontaneity.

Close-up magic fits perfectly as a warm welcome at the beginning of your event.


Lex can put your guests at ease while they wait for their friends or break the ice between whoever is in the venue.

He performs fantastically between tables, too.

This kind of magic is suitable in lounges and bars, breaking the ice between people, creating great connections and memories that will last for a long time.


Close-up entertainment connects people and ignite sparkles among your guests.

Lex creates comfort and the feeling of belonging using his charm and magic so it breaks the ice between people in social situations or at least give them great entertainment while they wait for service.


Cocktail parties, mingling, lounges, hospitality suits, bars, dance venues, pool parties, crew leisure venues, restaurants and even at groups events such as weddings or any other large organized group who might be interested to make their event more special. 

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