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Lex Zandelis

Mentalist - Someone who can read thoughts, influence people and demonstrate extraordinary abilities using body language, psychology and the magic of the mind.

Lex is a world renowned Mentalist and Infotainer.

The show is a sparkling cocktail of emotions, psychological magic, mind reading demonstrations, impossible predictions and more.

Take your event to the next level, bringing an interactive adventure that make people laugh, scream and feel curious and excited at the same time.

Satisfied Clients

Corporate Mentalist

" Infotainment is the art of delivering information in a creative, interesting and entertaining manner. "


" The live show is an exciting experience. Do you believe in mind reading? Is it possible to make two people believe they are one person? Can the future be predicted? What is Telekinesis?

The show is super interactive, fun and loaded with humor and improvisation "


Ask me anything.


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