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The Mentalist


Mentalist - a person who can read thoughts based on external appearance and reading skills. Mentalists have an incredible ability to influence, manipulate and predict future behavior.


Delivering information in an emotional, intriguing and entertaining manner.

This powerful tool attracts attention and increases your success rate in every event.

Hire Lex to infuse excitement in your event in a variety of creative ways!


Corporate Mentalist

Imagine a fascinating show that conveys the ideas, products or services of the company in a memorable, entertaining way.

Lex learns about the company and its field of expertise.

He then assembles everything together into a fantastic show of mind reading, impossible predictions and modern magic of the mind.

The show is clever, funny and super interactive.


Smart Traffic Building

" My job is to highlight the benefits of YOUR products using attention-grabbing modern magic.

I'm the bridge between potential clients and the sales staff "

Lex increases the traffic to your stand by drawing in the casual browsers, turning them into active, high potential prospects.

Each act and demonstration is custom-written to incorporate information about YOUR company, products and services.

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